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Almonds are good for health and here are some health benefits of these mouth-watering nuts. readmore

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Every woman wants to have long, shiny and thick hair. Here are some easy and effective tips to have thick, long and shiny hair naturally. readmore

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Easy and effective weight loss plans are in trend these days. Everybody wants to look fit and fine with attractive shape of body.readmore

ONLINE DIET CLINIC, is the sole one of its kind online solution to receive unique, professionally supervised effective weight Loss & Therapeutic Diets programs to its clients.

ONLINE DIET CLINIC, team is the group of highly professionally qualified dietitians, who have a deep-root knowledge of diet & food science. With the extensive research, the accredited dietitians team, can help you with a weight loss / weight gain, cholesterol related issues, professional advice on diet food required as per your body needs. Our team will help you with nutritional queries and information, and assist you with a wide range of nutrition and food related health problems.

Online Diet Clinic is supervised under the national acclaimed dietician Sheela Seharawat , who has more than 8 years of experience in weight Loss & Therapeutic Diets; and with her detailed research conducted on the weight loss & therapeutic diets , our team has also gained vision of our mentor Sheela Seharawat, consequently work with every individual based on their specific needs & requirements. The diet packages offered at Online Diet Clinic are easy to be followed, and most interestingly allow you to eat most of the foods as we customize our every diet package as per every client’s particular requirement.

Through the packages provided by the online diet clinic, the professional advice can be availed by individuals and corporate professionals. Our packages have helped thousands of clients to lose huge amounts of weight safely. Just take a look at our diet packages & success stories related to. Take a quick tour of our site & make your dream come true.


Our Mission


ONLINE DIET CLINIC, team is trained under the tutelage of Mentor Dietician Sheela Seharawat, to give you the motivation needed to achieve permanent success related to your personal diet & nutritional requirement and reduce the health risks associated with obesity by providing a safe and effective medically supervised weight loss program, tailored to individual needs, in a supportive environment focused on fast, friendly customer service. 

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