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Exercise Tips

All enjoy almonds and they are available in every season so, people do not have to wait for a particular season to eat these mouth-watering nuts.readmore

Disease Free Tips

Almonds are good for health and here are some health benefits of these mouth-watering nuts. readmore

Healthy Heart

Every woman wants to have long, shiny and thick hair. Here are some easy and effective tips to have thick, long and shiny hair naturally. readmore

Aerobics Diet Plan

Easy and effective weight loss plans are in trend these days. Everybody wants to look fit and fine with attractive shape of body.readmore


We all have millions of questions arising in our mind, when we deal with health related queries, but on several occasions our various queries remain unrequited due to inadequate knowledge of a health practitioner. At ask you all are most welcome to get answered for your any diet  related  questions — straight from a diet professional sheela Seharawat- a nationally acclaimed dietitian, who has been awarded with several prestigious national & international awards. Ask sheela- is run by The Wellness Advisor Expert sheela seharawat with a panel of nutritionists (Registered Dietitians), who are available to answer your questions about nutrition, vitamins, herbs, food, and healthy lifestyle choices. This portal allows you to get an easy access to the list of Top 10 Questions with helpful answers about healthy food options. But still if you want the assistance for any further queries , you simple required to submit a new question. This link is created to cater the issues of common people about health & wellness. All the questions along with their respective answers are mentioned in great detail. In this page we not just only answer your questions, but also we posts articles , written after extensive research conducted by sheela Seharawat, regarding other important topics in health  that aren't covered by the questions.

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