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All enjoy almonds and they are available in every season so, people do not have to wait for a particular season to eat these mouth-watering nuts.readmore

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Almonds are good for health and here are some health benefits of these mouth-watering nuts. readmore

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Health benefits of almonds

Almonds are good for health and here are some health benefits of these mouth-watering nuts.

·         Boost brainpower - Almonds are rich source of phenylalanine and nutrientriboflavin, which are very helpful in improving the neurological functions. Simply, we can say that almonds boost the power of brain. Therefore, these are very beneficial for growing children.

·         Treating skin problems - Almond oil is famous for treating skin problems like wrinkles dry skin, pimples, black heads, dark circles under eyes and many other problems. It makes the skin soft smooth and refreshed. At the same time, almonds oil is also beneficial for hair. It is very helpful in treating problems like hair loss, graying, dandruff, and dryness.

·         Beneficial for expecting mothers- Almonds are rich source of folic acid. Folic acid is extremely beneficial for expecting mothers as well as their newborn babies. Moreover, the folic acid is also helpful in preventing from any sort of abnormalities in newborn babies.

·         Alternative to cow’s milk - People, who are lactose intolerant, cannot digest the sugar found in the milk of cow. The almond milk, which is derived from almonds, is the best alternative for such people. Almond milk is free of hormones, antibiotics and rich in nutrition and has great taste.

·         Protects against diabetes - It has also proved in many studies that regular intake of almonds provides essential protection against diabetes. It has seen that the level of blood sugar spike after meal but people who eat almond rich food do not have face this problem. Thus, in short, the intake of almonds actually helps in lowering the blood sugar levels. Moreover, almonds also increase the levels of antioxidants in the blood that is another beneficial factor of almonds.

·         Prevent from gallstones - Almonds also lessen the chances of having gallstones. Only 1 ounce of almonds every week can lessen the risk of developing gallstones by 25%.

Therefore, you should also include these mouthwatering nuts into your daily diet to enjoy their health benefits. You can eat almonds in raw, roasted and soaked form. Almonds can also be taken in butter form ye, the almond butter is just like to peanut butter, which is healthy and delicious. However, it is also necessary to keep in mind that too much of anything is bad therefore; it is advisable to eat only fifteen to twenty almonds daily. You may also consult with an expert to include almonds in moderation as according to your health requirements.

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